Being born in Tokyo, Japan, Ayumi Matsuda started to play the recorder at the age of 7.
She studied recorder and graduated at the Department of Recorder, College Division of
Toho-Gakuen School of Music as a Bachelor of Arts in 1995, receiving her teaching license.

In 1996 Ayumi moved to The Netherlands to continue to expand her recorder studies with
Leo Meijlink and Heiko ter Schegget at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and completed her solist course in 2000.
While studying in Utrecht, Ayumi also followed masterclasses of Peter van Heyghen, participated in several of the courses at the Academia de Musica de Antiga de Lisboa, was
an exchange student at the Escola Sperior de Musica de Lisboa and studied with Pedro Couto Soares and Stephen Bull.

During her teaching studies, Ayumi came in contact with the Alexander Technique, and saw
the possibilities for musicians and artists. It radically changed her stage attitude and body freedom. After graduating as a solist recorder player, she followed the A.T. teachers course
in the Netherlands and graduated in October 2004.

For the past 10 years, Ayumi has been teaching the recorder at the Music Academy of
the International School of Amsterdam. Since 2004, she also teaches the Alexander Technique to musicians, dansers and other artists.

Ayumi performs on a regular basis, among other with recorder group Black Intention, performance artist Simsa Cho, video artist Kyoko Inatome and many others. Recently she performed at the Geelvinck Museum in Amsterdam, with Sakurako Mitsuhashi on the harpsichord.

Although having worked with a large number of composers, returning composers are
Pablo Escande and Koji Asano. The next few months will see a number of performances in various places.

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